Size Guide

Size Guide

How to choose your ring size?

Irène offers you a way to determine your finger size in order to choose the right metric for your ring.

Note that the size of your fingers may vary depending on the time of day. To obtain a reliable result, prefer a measurement at the end of the day. Measurements may very slightly from hand to hand, please make sure the size chosen provides enough space for the ring to slide easily all the way down the finger.

Tip for choosing the right metric: use one of your rings to determine your ring size

1. Print the ring sizer below.
2. Make sure the “Scale” option is unchecked in the print settings. To be sure the scale matches the chart, simply check the measurements with a ruler.
3. Get a ring fitted to the finger on which you will wear your future Irene ring and position it on the circles of the ring sizer.
4. Position the ring above the circles drawn on the page, aligning the inside of the ring with the circle that best matches it. If your size is between two circles or if you are unsure, we advise you to choose a size above.
5. For your order, please note that Irene uses European sizes.

Print the ring sizer PDF appendix 1
Print the ring sizer PDF appendix 2

This guide should be used as a guide only.