Ethics and know-how

Caring to respect impeccable manufacturing ethics, Marie Genon only sources “Conflict-Free” diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America or HRD Antwerp. The precious stones in Maison Irène jewelry also meet the criteria of the Kimberley Process set up in the 2000s to guarantee their origin and certify that they are not involved in armed conflicts. And so that today’s jewelry respects the world of tomorrow, Irène’s creations are made of 18-carat recycled gold. A commitment to sustainable, conscious and far-sighted jewelry.

By surrounding herself with artists and craftsmen who have worked for the great Houses of Place Vendôme, Marie Genon imagined Irène as a creative studio where expertise and passion take the one place, where precision and attention to detail are essential and expressed in each jewel.

Drawing on her expertise in design and the creation of models, Irène also passes on her know-how to other jewelry houses such as the Tabbah family house, founded in 1862, with which Marie Genon is currently collaborating on the development of their next historical collection.